BioTrust AbsorbMax Reviewed – Should You Take It and Why?

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I recently came across BioTrust AbsorbMax, a product that is said to help your body absorb all nutrients “to the max”. As an added benefit, it is said to fight off any food intolerance you may have. And it gets better, since evidently, you don’t have to change your diet and if you insist on eating cake, so be it. Personally, I thought it was too good to be true, but always one for a challenge, I decided to give it a try nevertheless. After all, all BioTrust products come with a full one year money back guarantee, so I really had nothing to lose.

It seems that wherever you turn today, you will find someone who is intolerant of something. If they aren’t intolerant of something, they at the very least have a serious digestive issue that means they can’t eat things. Of course as a result, marketers across the globe are developing products specifically designed for these people. One of these products seems to be BioTrust AbsorbMax, but then BioTrust has a really positive reputation, so for once I was inclined to believe it wasn’t just a marketing scheme.

biotrust absorbmax reviewWho Are BioTrust?

BioTrust is a company that was founded by two friends, a nutritionist and a fitness expert. They both understood that it is very important to take supplements within a healthy diet, but they grew tired of the supplements that were available on the market. Most of these were placebos, others simply didn’t have the right ingredients and some were even dangerous for human consumption. As a result, they decided to create their own products, and they have now delivered a range of different supplements that offer all sorts of benefits for our general health.

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BioTrust Absorbmax Review IngredientsWhat Does AbsorbMax Do?

AbsorbMax is a tablet that you should take daily. It is supposed to help your body to absorb as much nutrition as possible. Furthermore, it will assist your body in fixing any digestive issues you may be suffering from. AbsorbMax has the following reputed benefits:

  •  It supports the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. There are a lot of factors that are negatively affecting our biology, including poor diets, bad eating habits, processed food, additives and overall pollution. Because of this, many of us no longer produce the enzymes we need to stay healthy. AbsorbMax rectifies this.
  • Your immune system and digestive health is supported. If these two elements of your body work well, you will find yourself with better overall health, including resistance to injury and illness. Furthermore, you should notice increased energy levels.
  •  You will fight any existing food intolerances, which is a pretty big claim to make. However, nature did not intend us to be intolerant of certain foods, so by restoring our natural balance, we should be able to once again eat all the foods we want.
  • It helps with the breakdown of fat, simply because your body is better able to actually use the various nutrients, allowing it to digest properly. Hence, your body will use your existing fat reserves for energy, the way it is meant to do.

BioTrust Absorbmax Review bottlesWho Can Take AbsorbMax?

Anybody who is interested in losing weight and anybody who has developed intolerance for certain foods is able to take AbsorbMax. This basically means that anybody in the world can take it, because you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t occasionally feel bloated, particularly after eating a specific meal. Having food intolerance is an absolute nightmare, so having something there can resolve this is a fantastic opportunity for a better life.
However, what I found so interesting is that BioTrust seems to be marketing this product almost solely at those with food intolerances and those who want to lose weight. However, I feel that those who do not fit in either of these two categories should also be targeted, simply because of the fact that food intolerance can develop later, or perhaps it is already there.

What I Liked

  • Easy to swallow capsules that you can take with you so that you don’t forget when your next dose is due.
  •  Blood flow towards the intestines is increased by 16% and the delivery of nutrients and blood to belly fat is reduced tremendously. Hence, losing weight becomes much easier.
  •  It is full of essential minerals that support both the circulatory system and the heart, and it also cleanses our digestive system.
  •  The intestinal tract relaxes, meaning gastrointestinal discomfort is significantly reduced.
  • You will receive far greater nutritional value from everything you eat, as well as digesting it better.
  •  It fights food intolerances, meaning you should once again be able to eat all those foods you enjoy so much.
  • As always with BioTrust, their products are backed by a one year, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. This means that you can use the product for a full year and get all your money back if you’re not happy with it.

What I Didn’t Like

The one thing that I found a bit hard to cope with when taking AbsorbMax was that I had to take a capsule before every meal. This means I had to carry a supply with me at all times. However, this is a small point and really nothing that should stop you from buying it.
Other than that, I would love to live in a world where supplements aren’t necessary. Unfortunately, that world doesn’t exist, so rather than getting annoyed at BioTrust for making supplements, I suppose I should actually be grateful.

BioTrust Absorbmax Review logoThe Verdict

AbsorbMax is the latest in a huge line of products by BioTrust. I have to say that I was hugely impressed with it and hadn’t expected it to be as good as this, particularly because I thought the claims were pretty far-fetched. However, BioTrust has a reputation on delivering on its promises and it seems they have done it again. I fully recommend this product to anybody who wants to lose weight or who has food intolerance, as well as to anybody else, as they may unknowingly be developing food intolerance as we speak.

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